Chummie Elite Enuresis Alarm Review (TCE25G)

Chummie Elite Enuresis Alarm Review (TCE25G)

Can the Chummie Elite enuresis alarm be an effective alternative to, say, a Malem “Ultimate”? In this review, we help you analyze the product and make a decision.

Available in blue, green, pink, and orange, the Chummie Elite boasts a one-drop detection IntelliFlex sensor. While this sensor works the same way as other brands’ sensor, the difference is plenty. For one, the IntelliFlex is a hypoallergenic sensor. It isn’t rigid unlike clip sensors, so comfort is ensured. Aside from that, it also has a wider area. Plus, it’s non-corrosive and easy-to-clean.

Aside from this revolutionary silicone sensor, the Elite enuresis alarm has the following features — microprocessor controlled alarm, 5 tones, lights, vibrations, and free smartphone portal and support.

NOTE: This alarm is made in China.

What You’ll See in Your Chummie Elite Package

Chummie Elite Enuresis Alarm BoxThe image to your right shows what you can expect your Chummie Elite box to be. Once you open the box, you should find the following items.

  • microprocessor controlled alarm unit
  • IntelliFlex sensor
  • Snap-on clip
  • 10 Flexitapes
  • progress chart
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • user manual

Consumer Feedback and Rating

May need getting used to. You may not find the alert tone to be particularly loud, but with the accompanying vibration, this combination may be shocking or scary for a child. Before usage, parents are encouraged to conduct a trial session explaining how the alarm works and how to use it.

Ease of use. Even without instructions, the Chummie Elite is easy to use. The sensor is attached to the outside of your child’s underwear, the cord goes inside his shirt, and the alarm unit is clipped to the shirt. The unit can be worn with an armband, which is sold separately here.

May have issues with a child who moves a lot in his sleep. You may need a stronger tape if you want to keep everything in place. If not, success rate can be affected.

Sensor sensitivity. The general consensus is that the sensor is very sensitive. Apparently, the one-drop detection technology works.

Bottomline – Does the Chummie Elite Work?

Just like any other bedwetting alarm, the Chummie Elite’s success depends on several factors. But based on consumer feedback and rating, the Elite has a high success rate.

There were some feedback about relapse, but overall, dryness can be achieved using this enuresis alarm. Also, the product itself is well-built, but as several buyers have pointed out, keeping the sensor attached in place can be a challenge if your child moves a lot during sleep.

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Chummie Elite Bedwetting Alarm

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