Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm (TC300B) Review

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm (TC300B) Review

Featuring a super cute, kid-friendly design, the Chummie Premium enuresis alarm is packed with exciting features that you’d definitely pay attention to.

First, it does not only sound off when the sensor detects the first hint of urine. It also vibrates strongly and emits bright light so that even the deepest of deep sleepers have no choice but to wake up for the bathroom. It’s equipped with a one drop detection sensor which, as it says, detects the first drop of urine. As advertised, only Chummie gives you a “revolutionary IntelliFlex sensor with 10 pairs of urine sensing strips.” This should maximize “comfort treatment efficacy.”

In this review, we help you analyze whether or not this enuresis alarm truly works.

What to Expect When You Unbox Your Package

When you unbox your Chummie, you should get the following contents: the alarm unit with a snap-on clip, the IntelliFlex sensor, 2 AAA batteries, a box of Flexitape, a user manual, a progress diary, an achievement certificate, and a warranty card. (See video below.)

The label on the package clearly prints these cautions and reminders.

– Not everyone will respond to this treatment.
– The vast majority of children stop bed wetting within two months. Some children stop wetting in just a couple of weeks.

VIDEO: Spotlight on the Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

To get a better glimpse of the Chummie alarm, here’s a video that shows you how it works. Notice the size of the alarm unit.

How Do You Use the Chummie Premium Alarm?

Before bedtime, assist your child to clip the alarm unit to his shirt, or wear it with an armband. The cord should be worn under his shirt to prevent it from getting tangled. Most importantly, the sensor should be attached to the outside of his underpants.

See the diagram below for a clearer picture.

How to Use the Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

Chummie Alarm Review – Does it Work?

Here’s what previous buyers have to say about their Chummie premium alarm system.

Not all children would wake up to the sound-light-and-vibration combination. According to some parents, they still had to help their child wake up. For those with a more favorable experience, even the lowest setting can wake them up.

A few parents reported “false alarms.” That said, the sensor is that sensitive. According to Chummie support, false alarms can happen when the sensor touches the skin and in instances when the sensor has built up urine salts.

One of the complaints about this alarm system is the “difficulty” and / or time-consuming process of unclipping the unit from the shirt before the child can eventually relieve himself in the bathroom.

This alarm can test your patience. As what other buyers have attested, it can take months of sleepless nights before your child can achieve total dryness. Also, although a child can be “cured” of his bedwetting, a regression can happen, as one customer’s child has experienced.


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