Comparison: Malem vs TheraPee Bedwetting Alarm

Malem vs Therapee

Two of the most popular enuresis alarms on the market today is the Malem Ultimate and Dr. Sagie’s TheraPee, with the latter being branded as the “world’s #1 bedwetting solution.”

Which of these two products should you choose? First, it pays to know their differences in this Malem vs TheraPee comparison report.

Comparison Report: Malem vs TheraPee

Let’s start with this comparison chart.

Bedwetting Alarm
Model Check Price » Malem Ultimate Check Price » TheraPee
Type Clip-On Bed-Pad
Alert Sounds 8 10
Virtual Therapist
Volume Control
Child Lock
LED Indicators
Alerts Sound + Vibration, Sound Only, Vibration Only Sound
Guide and Review Malem Ultimate Buying Guide Therapee Review

Key Differences

Here’s the key differences of the Malem Ultimate and the TheraPee.


The most notable difference between these two enuresis solutions is how they were designed. The Malem Ultimate is a clip-on alarm that vibrates and/or sound off when the sensor detects urine.

The TheraPee, on the other hand, is “contact-less.” There is no transmitter to clip on, and there’s no sensor to put inside your child’s underwear. Instead, it comes with a sensitive bed-pad that you should place under the sheets.

Virtual Therapist

This feature is TheraPee‘s great advantage over the Malem Ultimate. Sure, the Ultimate comes with an app for support, but the TheraPee takes it notches higher.

The Virtual Therapist feature gives you a program that’s tailor-made specifically for your child. This is an interactive portal that you and your child can access online, so it’s both engaging and encouraing.

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Our Final Word: Malem vs TheraPee

Which one has better features?

It’s Dr. Sagie’s TheraPee bedwetting solution. The Virtual Therapist feature is what trumps all. Through this interactive portal, your child becomes “involved” in the process, which makes it easier for him/her to overcome his/her bedwetting problem.

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