Dr. Madre Bedwetting Alarm Consumer Report

Dr Madre Bedwetting Alarm Review

Having an alarm kit is just the first step towards solving your child’s nocturnal enuresis problem. The next step is convincing him to wear it. To do that, you’d want an alarm that’s barely there, or at least one that’s comfortable.

Dr. Madre says they have just the right enuresis alarm for your child. As advertised, this kit “helps motivate your child” with its small design. The sensor is “small enough” so it’s not bothersome, and the wire goes under the pajamas and thus “limiting potential entanglements.”

But… does it work? In this consumer report, we’ll give you what previous buyers have to say about their Dr. Madre bedwetting alarm.

Key Features and Specs

Main Unit. The alarm features a main unit with a small footprint. It can be positioned and secured around your child’s upper arm through the elastic band and a hook that comes with it. This “sports watch-like” design can be an advantage to kids who’d be happy to wear it like an athlete.

Sounds. According to Dr. Madre, the unit has a “single sound option” that vibrates when moisture is detected. Is it loud enough? As described by Dr. Madre, it doesn’t produce a “high decibel” sound to cause panic. It’s loud enough to wake both the child and the parent who may be in another room.

Batteries. This alarm uses CR2025 Lithium batteries.

Product Dimensions. The elastic band can expand to up to 11 inches in circumference. The wire is 44 inches in length.

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What Consumers Say About Their Dr. Madre Alarm

We went through a popular online retailer for consumer feedback, comments, and reviews. How’s their experience? Here, we summarize what we’ve discovered about the Dr. Madre bedwetting alarm.

Functionality. This product works with a sensor that clips into the child’s underwear. Many reviewers noted that this model is not as evasive as some other bed-wetting alarms on the market. It was noted by one reviewer that if your child has sensory issues, this product works far better than it’s competitors. Overall, the majority of reviewers found the design and function of this specific alarm not only desirable, but also more affordable than others on the market.

Ease of Use. The majority of reviewers noted how easy this product was to use. There were very few commenters who mentioned any difficulty with placing the sensor, or setting up the system. One reviewer mentioned having difficulty at first placing the sensor so that it didn’t give a false alarm. That said, they quickly noted that they were able to figure out a solution through trial and error with little issue. The solution they found was to clip the sensor over two layers of fabric, or to clip onto the crotch seam of the underwear to that it doesn’t come loose.

Duration of Use. Very few reviewers noted when they stopped using the alarm. The timelines of the reviewers who did mention the overall duration they used the alarm varied quite a bit. Some reviewers used the alarm for a few weeks, others used it for a few months. The duration of use seems to vary depending on the child, as can be expected with this type of product.

Effectiveness. The majority of reviewers found the bed-wetting alarm very effective. While each reviewer’s experience varied, most found that the alarm was able to wake their child so that he or she could get to the bathroom in time. It was noted by multiple reviewers that while the alarm does not keep the child from wetting their underwear the alarm was able to alert the child before they wet their pajamas or their bedding.

Complaints. Overall, there were very few complaints. The most extreme critique was from a reviewer who said that the vibration and the alarm frightened the child using the bed-wetting alarm so much so that she was too scared to go to the bathroom once she awoke. This reviewer even shared concern that the alarm may have caused a set-back with the child’s bed-wetting recovery. Other complaints included reviewers mentioning the duration of the battery life of the product as well as the quality of materials used.

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