Malem “Ultimate” Bedwetting Alarms – Buying Guide

Malem "Ultimate" Bedwetting Alarms - Buying Guide

Malem is one of the most popular brands of bedwetting alarms out there. Advertised to have “award winning enuresis alarms,” the brand has several product lines available for purchase. The most extensive of these lines is the “Ultimate” series.

Just How Many Malem “Ultimate” Bedwetting Alarms Are There?

Currently, there are five products in the Malem ultimate series. These are the following.

  • Ultimate 1 (MO4S2)
  • Ultimate 1+ (Recordable – MO5)
  • Ultimate 1S (Selectable -M04SB)
  • Ultimate Multi-Choice (MO17)
  • Ultimate Bed-Side (MO3)


Ultimate 1 is available in 4 colors – pink, blue, purple, and gold. For each color, a different tone is used. All colors except gold are a 1-tone alarm. The Gold Ultimate has 8 tones.

– Except Ultimate Bed-Side, all products mentioned above are body-worn.

– The Ultimate Bed-Side alarm is ideal for children who don’t want to wear an alarm. It comes with a bed pad to be placed under the sheets. The bed pad triggers the alarm when it detects moisture.

Comparison Chart: Malem “Ultimate” Alarms

Below is a chart that you can use to compare and contrast the different Malem “Ultimate” units.

DescriptionTypeColors AvailableKey Features
Ideal for kids who share their bedroom with another, the Ultimate 1 line allows you to choose a "vibration only" alarm system to ensure that others won't get disturbed. body-wornpink (tone 1), blue (tone 2), purple (tone 3), gold (8 tones) -- See Note #1 in the previous section.- your choice of "vibration only," "sound only," or "vibration and sound"
- available in four colors
- free smartphone app
- advanced Easy-Clip sensor technology
- Secure Grip and Quick Detect
- free smartphone app
Ideal for children with special needs, the Ultimate 1+ (Record) alarm allows you to record a personalized message or the voice of your child's favorite character. body-wornred, royal blue- 8 tone settings
- selectable light, sound, and vibration combination
- flashing light
- vibration not available for personal recordings
True to its title, the Malem Ultimate 1S (or Selectable) allows you to choose from 8 different sounds or a random setting. When its Quick Detect technology is at work, it combines "sound, vibration, and light" to make sure that even the deepest sleeper gets up and heads to the bathroom.body-wornred, royal blue, magenta, camouflage- you can set to "sound only," "sound and vibration," or "vibration only"
- features a 2-step turnoff
- advanced Easy-Clip sensor technology
- Secure Grip and Quick Detect
- free smartphone app

Ultimate Multi-Choice
Ideal for children who respond well to your voice or a personalized message, the Malem Multi-Choice alarm allows you 3 recordable messages. If your child is not comfortable with loud sounds, you may choose from 20 melodies / songs.body-worn or bed-sideroyal blue- three message to record
- 8 tones
- 20 songs and melodies
- volume control
- flashing LED lights
- micro-processor controlled
Designed for kids who feel uncomfortable with cords, the Malem Ultimate Bed-Side alarm features a plastic, 21" x 15.5" bed-mat sensor. It eliminates the need to clip or unclip a sensor or an alarm unit. The bed pad stays underneath the sheets, and the 5.25" x 5.25" x 1.25" alarm box stays beside the bed. bed-sidered- choices: one tone, eight random tones, or personalized message
- 7 foot cord connecting the alarm box and the bed mat sensor
- optional: 15 meter-extension sound unit

What Other Things to Expect from Your Malem Ultimate Alarm

Aside from what was mentioned earlier, here are some exciting features to expect from your Malem Ultimate alarms.

– Interchangeable Sensors

Except for the Ultimate Bed-Side alarm, all Ultimate products are supplied with an “Easy-Clip” sensor. The good news is that you can purchase other sensors which include the following:

  • standard sensor (for bedwetting)
  • bed-mat sensor (for bedwetting)
  • sit up sensor (for dementia or sleep walking)
  • wander / sit up mat with inverter (for sleep walking)
  • dialysis-mat sensor (for dialysis leakage)

As you can see, these Ultimate alarms are not only for bedwetting. With a specific sensor, they can also help patients suffering or dealing with sleep walking, dementia, and dialysis.

– Free Smartphone App

Depending on which store you purchase your Malem alarm from, you are given a free smarthpone app. What does this do?

The app is a virtual storage of information and resources about the alarm and bedwetting in general. Specifically, you’ll get alarm tips, watch alarm videos, read blog posts, contact the manufacturer, or even get special offers and coupons.

How to Use a Malem Ultimate Alarm

Is a Malem Ultimate convenient and easy to use? Judge for yourself.

– Ultimate 1, 1+, 1S, and Multi-Choice

Malem Ultimate 1+ RecordableThese products are the body-worn type of alarms. They consist of an alarm unit that you can clip near your child’s ear (usually at the shoulder), and a sensor that you can easily clip to the underpants. The alarm unit and sensor are connected by a cord that goes underneath the child’s shirt.

When the sensor detects moisture, the alarm will sound, vibrate, and emit light. This powerful combination should wake your child for the bathroom.

See image on the right.

– Ultimate Bed-Side

The Ultimate Bed-Side has a plastic bed-mat sensor placed underneath the sheets. The alarm unit is placed nearby to where the child can easily hear the sound. A 2-meter cord connects the alarm unit to the bed-mat.

When the bed-mat sensor detects moisture, the alarm goes off.

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VIDEO: For more on the topic of usage, watch the video below for Dr. Malem’s explanation.

Which Malem “Ultimate” Should You Get?

Based on consumer feedback and ratings, not all “Ultimate” products are a good idea. But when choosing which one to get, here are some points to consider.

  1. For most of the products, the color is a personal choice. However, in the case of Ultimate 1 in which each color has a different sound, the sound should also be taken into consideration.
  2. As far as consumer ratings are concerned, the Ultimate 1, 1+, and 1S have been given top ratings based on data from Amazon an Bedwetting Store. Unfortunately, the Ultimate Bed-Side hasn’t received an equally stellar rating. Note that the Ultimate Multi-Choice is a fairly new product.
  3. When it comes to prices, Malem’s Ultimate alarms are one of the most expensive on the market.
  4. If your child is uncomfortable with a cord, consider getting the Bed-Side alarm. (But see note #2 above.) Or you might want to get a Malem Wireless.


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