Reviewed: Rodger Wireless Bedwetting System (8 Tones)

Reviewed: Rodger Wireless Bedwetting System (8 Tones)

Some enuresis alarm systems have an uncomfortable set-up. To explain, picture an alarm unit connected to the sensor by a long cord. The cord goes underneath the bedwetter’s shirt (to prevent tangling), and the sensor is secured to the underwear. As an example, check out the Malem Ultimate MO4S2.

An alternative to wired models is the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting System, an alarm that takes the form of unisex briefs. As such, it needs to be worn. But since it’s wireless, it’s devoid of long cords, disposable pads, and the need to secure the sensor to the underwear.

It sounds like a good idea, but the question is, does it deliver? We find out in this review.

The Basics: How it Works

Rodger Wireless Bedwetting System with 8 TonesHow does this wireless bedwetting system work?

When you unbox your package, expect to see the following: a transmitter, a receiver, and 2 pairs of unisex briefs.

At first glance, the briefs look like ordinary underwear. (See image on the right.) But when you look at them closely, you’ll notice invisible threads sewn into them. When wet, these threads trigger the alarm.

Just below the waistband, you’ll notice a special place where the transmitter is attached. It can be attached firmly through a rivet-type attachment and a Velcro band.

The receiver is about 5 times bigger than the transmitter. To work, it should be plugged into a wall socket or have batteries. It has 8 tones that you can select from, and it works up to 75 feet from the transmitter.

You can adjust the volume of the alarm, and you can even attach a vibratory cushion / unit into it. You’ll need to purchase the cushion separately.

Pros and Cons

Why should you or should you not get the Rodger Wireless Alarm System? Thanks to consumer feedback, here are some pros and cons of the product.


– First, since there are no wires involved, your child doesn’t have to deal with the following: tangling, unclipping of the unit before going to the bathroom, and that uncomfortable or unnatural feeling during bedtime.

– Your child has no restrictions when it comes to sleeping positions. He can sleep either on his front or back as if the device isn’t there.

– Since the receiver is situated at a wall socket, your child has to wake up to turn off the alarm.


– Compared with other brands, this alarm system is quite expensive. Check out its price here.

– This may not work 100% of the time. According to previous buyers, sometimes it does not go off even though the child has wet the bed.

Does the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting System Work?

There have been mixed feedback as regards the effectiveness of this alarm system, and the stories vary from one child to another. While some parents say their child has ultimately achieved dry nights, others are disappointed.

The bottomline is this. Based on consumer feedback, the Rodger Wireless Alarm System does not work for everyone.

But when it does, the time it takes for your child to finally stop bedwetting and achieve dryness varies. Some parents have reported 4 weeks, others say it took their child 3 months.


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