TheraPee vs Chummie (Premium): Bedwetting Alarm Comparison

Therapee vs Chummie

In this post, we compare two of the most popular enuresis alarms on the market today: TheraPee vs Chummie Premium. On one hand, there’s the TheraPee, a bedwetting solution whose unique feature is its interactive virtual assistant portal. On the other corner is the Chummie Premium, an armband-compatible enuresis alarm with a square design.

Which of these units should you get? Find out in this comparison report.

Comparison Chart: TheraPee vs Chummie

For you to be able to quickly see these alarms’ differences, we’ve created a chart for you.

Bedwetting Alarm
Model Check Price » TheraPee Check Price » Chummie Premium
Type Bed Pad Clip-On
Alert Sounds 10 8
Armband Compatible
Low Battery Alert
Colors Blue Blue, Pink, Green
Alerts Sound Sound + Vibration, Sound Only, Vibration Only, Two Big Lights
Volume Control
Virtual Therapist
Child Lock
Our Review TheraPee Review Chummie Premium Review

Key Differences

Here’s a list of these alarms’ key differences.

Type of Alarm

The first notable difference between the TheraPee and the Chummie Premium is how they are designed. The TheraPee is a non-contact, bed-pad type of alarm while the Chummie Premium adopts a clip-on style with an option to wear it using an armband (separate purchase).

The TheraPee frees your child of that unnecessary feeling of something dangling from your clothes, which can be really uncomfortable, especially if he’s trying to get some sleep.


There are a few features that the Chummie Premium has that the TheraPee lacks. For instance, it comes with a low-battery alert, it’s armband compatible, and when it comes to alerts, there are sounds, vibrations, and lights to wake your child up.

On the other hand, the TheraPee also boasts some features that the Chummie lacks. Notable of these features is the child lock and virtual therapist features.

Virtual Therapist

The virtual therapist online portable is TheraPee‘s biggest strength. With it, your child will be given a customized program that’s specific to his needs. It’s also interactive, so your child is involved in the process, which is a big plus.

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Our Final Word: TheraPee vs Chummie

Based on the differences presented above, the TheraPee bedwetting solution has better features than the Chummie Premium. It’s the bed-pad type, so there’s no object dangling from your child’s clothes. The virtual therapist feature is also a big plus.

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