Wet-Stop3 vs Malem Ultimate 1 – Consumer Feedback & Rating

Wet-Stop3 vs Malem Ultimate 1 - Consumer Feedback & Rating

The Wet-Stop3 enuresis alarm has been around since 1979. In our review, we mentioned that this device can achieve the goals of either “self-awakening” or “parent-awakening” technique.

The Malem Ultimate 1, on the other hand, is part of Malem’s “Ultimate” line of products. We’ve introduced this model in our Malem “Ultimate” buying guide, and we described it as “ideal for kids who share their bedroom with another.”

In this article, we compare the two products. This comparison helps parents gain an insight as to which product is the better purchase.

Comparison Chart: Wet-Stop3 vs Malem Ultimate 1

In the comparison chart below, you can quickly compare the features of the Wet-Stop3 and Malem Ultimate 1.

Enuresis Alarm

Malem Ultimate 1
Attachmentmagnetsafety pin
Colors Availableblue, green, and pinkpink, blue, purple, and gold
Sounds5 variable sounds (see consumer feedback below)pink (tone 1), blue (tone 2), purple (tone 3), gold (8 tones)

Wet-Stop3 vs Malem Ultimate 1: Consumer Feedback and Rating

Price. The Wet-Stop3 is cheaper (about half) than the Malem Ultimate 1.

Attachment to Clothes. Note that the Malem Ultimate 1 uses a safety pin to make sure it stays in place. The Wet-Stop3, on the other hand, uses a magnet. According to some buyers, the safety pin bore a hole into their child’s clothes. The magnet-style attachment of the Wet-Stop3 device doesn’t give you this problem.

Sound. The Malem Ultimate 1 alarm is louder than Wet-Stop3. One parent shared that his son got scared of the Malem’s sound. It is also loud that you can hear it in your room. As for the Wet-Stop3 enuresis alarm, you might need a baby monitor to check if it goes off.

Tone Variations. While Wet-Stop says their alarm offers “5 loud variable alarms,” the actual variation is different. According to a buyer, the company clarified that the sound is the same but the variation is with the arrangement of the beeps / sounds. The Malem Ultimate 1, on the other hand, has actually different sounds.

Effectiveness. When it comes to effectiveness, both of these alarms have been given opposing feedback. Some say it didn’t work for their child, while others praise the product for helping them achieve dryness. Those that achieved dryness have given different cure rates, ranging from a few weeks to months.


For deep sleepers, the Malem Ultimate 1 alarm is loud enough to provide higher chances of waking up. Also, this product has different tone variations to make sure your child doesn’t get used to the same sound. On a similar note, the Wet-Stop3 is ideal for kids with a roommate. But you might need a baby monitor.

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